5 Signs Your Loved One is Ready for Assisted Living

Deciding to place a loved one into assisted living is one of the most difficult decisions you may face in life. Watching a loved one age and seeing their abilities change can leave many feeling helpless. StoneyBrook Suites is here to help when that time comes.

1. Have there been any Red Flags? Has your loved one had a fall, gotten in a fender bender, confused medications or had a medical scare? These can be indicators that it may be time to look into assisted care.

2. Is the house in disarray? If mail is piling up, trash is not being removed, the house is not as clean as it used to be or laundry and linens aren’t getting clean, maintaining the house is probably becoming more than your loved one can manage.

3. Noticeable Weight Loss, Body Odor or Change in Looks? These are signs that your loved one is having a problem managing activities of daily living. Assistance may be needed in areas like food preparation or personal hygiene. This is also a sign of loneliness or depression.

4. Complaints of Loneliness, Depression or Social Withdrawal? Losing a spouse or close friend, or having limited social opportunities due to lack of mobility or transportation, may leave your loved one lonely and depressed.

5. Signs of Fire, Trouble with Appliances or Entrances left open? Safety and security issues are common reasons to research an alternative living arrangement. The thought of a major accident can be terrifying. As loved ones age, they may begin to forget things that can lead to safety concerns.

Our passion for assisted living shines through every day at StoneyBrook Suites. It is our goal to be more than just a retirement center. We want to ensure your loved ones feel at home with a listening ear, a caring embrace, and an overall sense of community. The sculpture, known as the Inukshuk, found outside of each of our facilities symbolizes the message that “You are on the right path” and that life is an “Endless Journey.”