Residents stay active and receive therapy at StoneyBrook Suites

For Life Therapy and StoneyBrook Suites have been working together since 2012. Staff at For Life Therapy hold specialties in Geriatrics, Orthopedics, and Parkinson’s disease. For Life Therapy provides physical therapy evaluations and treatment for residents that have encountered great difficulty completing daily activities. StoneyBrook Suites has a spectacular Restorative […]

Assisted Living employees go above and beyond during pandemic

Recognizing the challenges that this pandemic presents, StoneyBrook Suites has taken extra measures to not only ensure the health and safety of our residents, but to better accommodate and facilitate new ways for families and friends to “visit.” Skype, Zoom, Facetime. These are all terms that have become common for most of […]

The job that offers much more than a paycheck!

Job Satisfaction isn’t a common term found in casual conversation. Most people don’t consciously think about Job Satisfaction. Job satisfaction depends on several different factors such as satisfaction with pay, promotion opportunities, fringe benefits, job security, relationship with co-workers and supervisors, etc. At StoneyBrook Suites, we put extra focus on job […]

How Isolation Can Lead to Elderly Depression

StoneyBrook Suites Assisted Living wants you to be aware of how isolation can be a major factor in depression for seniors. Our facilities work to create all kinds of activities to keep our seniors engaged. Cookouts, Live Entertainment, game nights and more are planned monthly to engage our seniors and create […]

5 Signs Your Loved One is Ready for Assisted Living

Deciding to place a loved one into assisted living is one of the most difficult decisions you may face in life. Watching a loved one age and seeing their abilities change can leave many feeling helpless. StoneyBrook Suites is here to help when that time comes. 1. Have there been any Red […]

Top 5 Dangers for Seniors Living at Home Alone

As we age, we all strive to maintain independence. We’ve always been able to do this or that, and we don’t need help to do it now. But the fact of the matter is, we start to naturally lose some of our balance abilities as well as other motor, and […]