Assisted Living employees go above and beyond during pandemic

Recognizing the challenges that this pandemic presents, StoneyBrook Suites has taken extra measures to not only ensure the health and safety of our residents, but to better accommodate and facilitate new ways for families and friends to “visit.” Skype, Zoom, Facetime. These are all terms that have become common for most of us, but these new forms of technology aren’t always easy for everyone to attain or use. The following letter from a family with a mother at StoneyBrook Suites better describes the efforts we are taking to serve our community here…

“The following is praise for the staff at StoneyBrook Suites in Watertown. During this pandemic, we all live with sorrow and isolation. We negotiate mask-wearing and measure 6 feet distance from others. We avoid our friends and loved ones. But you come to work every single day!

This is an act of sacrifice. How else can we say it? You have your own families at home to concern you (are you bringing the virus home?) and yet you compartmentalize your fears and come to work every day to tend to our loved ones. You are the force that keeps them healthy, and you do so with professionalism and calm good cheer. You are amazing!

You even help Jeann Bevers – our mom, grandmother, mother-in-law – log onto or weekly family video chats. We know she appreciates all you do for her. We want you to know that, so do we!

You all are especially to be commended given that many similar facilities across the U.S. are hotspots for spreading the coronavirus. But not Watertown’s Stoneybrook Suites. From day one you have ensured that no one else enters the facility. You have even kept parcels and mail undelivered for a day as an additional precaution against COVID spread. You have taken every step to ensure that Watertown StoneyBrook is a star among residential facilities for our loved ones. Your care is more than minimal. It includes fun, music, games, coffee hours, and shared meals. We sometimes envy the amount of social contact Jeann has there because of you.

We thank you all for your professionalism and your constant, caring, courageous service.”- Krisallen Bean, Watertown; Robert Bean and Jil Wyland, Atlanta, GA; Sharon Bean Rhodes, Nashville, TN; Jessica Rhodes Gore, Alameda, CA; Kylie Dakotah Parkes Bean, Austin, TX; Sandi Bean and Roger Blaine, Corvallis, OR

As the pandemic continues to spread through our nation, it’s as important as ever to keep safety protocols in mind and do what’s best for the safety of our residents. A large piece of keeping our residents safe involves social distancing. This is an important step for safety though, and we are glad our residents and families understand the importance.

StoneyBrook Suites is now open for tours with additional safety protocols in place.  Please visit the Contact Page on our website to schedule yours today!